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How to Remove the Avast Email Signature?

As the usage of computers and users have increased, the number of websites visited have also skyrocketed. Due to this incessant surfing on the web, people can get a lot of viruses on their computers. These viruses result in the usage of Antiviruses like Avast in their computers to get rid of the viruses and use their system easily. One thing that people have very little knowledge about is Avast Email Signature. Avast email signature is something that is inherently available in the antivirus and it gets activated as soon as you use Avast antivirus. That is the reason that in the next section we will let you know all about the Avast email signature disabling.

How to disable the Avast email signature?

In this section, we will discuss how one can ensure Avast Email Signature Remove. Follow the below-given steps to remove the Avast email signature.

  • First, you must click on Avast Antivirus, and perhaps move on to ☰ Menu ▸ Settings.
  • Then, you must choose the Protection ▸ Core Shields option.
  • Hence you must go down to the Configure shield option and then tap on the tab for Mail Shields.
  • Then you must un-select the box that is next to Add a signature option towards the end of the sent emails section.

This way the emails that you sent will no longer have a signature and you'll be able to Turn Off Avast Email Signature, but that can be enabled from the settings again.

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