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How to Recover Old Aol Emails?

Many users of the AOL email have often faced the problem of deleting email by accident but the bigger issue that faces them is how to recover old aol emails that have been deleted. If you are someone who is facing this issue, then you should not worry too much as we will tell you how you can recover your email that was deleted by accident. 

We will tell you how you can recover those emails from the trash folder as well as after the recovery period of 7 days.

Recover your old emails from the trash folder

You can only recover deleted aol emails from the trash folder only within 7 days of deleting them. Follow these steps by us and get back your important emails. 

  1. Open the application of AOL email and then log into your account. 
  2. Open the Trash folder by clicking on the bin icon. 
  3. There you will see all the emails that you have deleted within the last 7 days. Click on the message that you want to recover.
  4. Then, tap the Action icon and select the “move to” button from the menu that appears.
  5. Click on the folder where you want to move the message to and viola! You will get the deleted email back.

Is it possible to recover emails deleted before the days?

As we have told you above that it is only possible for the emails to be recovered within 7 days. But, there is an alternate option through which you can get your aol deleted emails back. You can use the professional data recovery tool through which you can get the old deleted emails of AOL email. 

In the same way, as we have told you about recovering old AOL emails, our blogs can inform you about a lot of things like how to recover aol account after deleting it.