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Resolve Outlook Error Cannot Connect to Server

The outlook may fail to connect with the server due to many reasons. Outlook server failure does not allow you to send or receive emails from anyone. It happens when the authentication between Outlook and Exchange server fails due to corrupt or damaged files, connectivity issues, faulty ad-ins, etc. A pop-up is shown stating Cannot Open the Outlook Window. 

Microsoft Outlook cannot connect to the server Office 365

If Microsoft Outlook cannot connect to the server Office 365 then you should follow the below solutions to fix the issue:

  1. Restart your PC: Many things are running on the PC which might create problems for the outlook to connect with the internet.
  2. Verify credentials: Always check your password and email id. 
  3. Outlook must be online: If your credentials are correct and still you are not able to log in, then you must ensure that Outlook must be online. 
  4. Check internet connection: Make sure that your computer is connected to the internet. If it is not, then it will be shown as Outlook cannot connect to the server.
  5. Outdated version: If your current version is old, then update it to the latest one. 
  6. Reinstall Outlook: If none of the above works, then try reinstalling Outlook. 

Outlook cannot connect to the server after password change

If Outlook is not connecting the change of password, then likely it is not updating it. You need to enter your old credentials. You can do this by selecting the Windows key and typing Windows Credentials Manager. You will see credentials for Outlook or Microsoft. Expand and select Remove. Once done enter the new password and check the box Remember my Credentials. And your problem will be solved.

We hope the above ways will help you in solving your issues in Microsoft Outlook can't connect to a server.

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