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What to do if Outlook is not working on an iphone?

In this blog we are going to fix the problems of outlook not working on iphone then this is the best article for you. There could be several issues which have caused this problem and for this the users can fix the problem. 

Ways to fix the problem of the Outlook not working in the issues – 

  • Check the mail days to sync settings 
  • Begin with going to the settings option and then from there make sure to go to the passwords and accounts. 
  • Now in the next step you need to tap the outlook account and then from there make sure to select the option of mail days to sync to fix outlook mail not working
  • After selecting no limit you just need to move to the next step so that all your emails are synced and the process is completed and your problem is solved too.  
  • Disabling the do not disturb option 
  • To fix the Outlook app not working then also you can use this way which is to go to the settings option and then they can go to the do not disturb. 
  • After this you need to go to the option saying toggle it off and then you can do all this from the control center. 
  • And tada! The procedure is completed and it is finished to fix your problems. 

We hope that these steps which we have provided you were beneficial for you and you were able to solve your outlook problems which you are dealing with but you can only solve the problem you are facing could be solved only when they execute as well as follow the steps carefully and then only you can fix this issue of yours which is causing the problems with the Outlook email.

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