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Why Did my AOL Email Stop Working in Outlook?

Incorrect AOL Mail server set up, change in AOL email password, unstable internet connectivity, and other reasons can ground the AOL email problems with Outlook. If you are also facing trouble in syncing your AOL email with Outlook as well as it is not working properly in the application, continue to this article written as a solution guide for you.

How to fix AOL not working with MS Outlook? 

Solution 1. Configure incoming servers properly

Make sure incoming servers are configured properly in your AOL email. Though both IMAP and POP servers work well in Outlook, opting for an IMAP server will be the best choice. 

Solution 2. Change your AOL email password 

If your AOL mail has stopped working in Outlook, try reconnecting with the application with an updated AOL email password. For updating the password, go to the account settings and select AOL email account. Now update the password. 

Solution 3. Update MS Outlook 

The older version of Outlook may no longer be supported and therefore AOL mail is not working with Outlook. Make sure you have updated the application before going for other solutions. 

Solution 4. Check your internet connection 

If the AOL mail won't load issues lie with your internet connectivity, try fixing it first. Repair your internet connection or shift to strong connectivity.

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